Pain Control

Hypnotherapy and Pain Control

At Hypnotherapy Plus in Lincoln and Louth we help our clients to deal with issues related to Pain. Our Hypnosis for Pain Lincoln is not intended as a replacement for conventional medical help instead it is used to to deal with the psychological issues attached to the problem. Many forms of pain not only have a physical element but a part of the problem which is attached to the anxiety and stress surrounding the illness or procedure. In particular our pain management hypnosis is incredibly useful if you are experiencing chronic pain. This is when pain is persisting long after the typical time it should take to heal.

Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

We know that people will come to see us usually because they have tried many other avenues without success. It is not unusual for our clients to have experienced significant issues with pain for a long period of time any many will also be taking medication for anxiety and depression. This is where Hypnotherapy could be of real benefit.


Pain is not a straightforward problem and everyone will have different perceptions of the pain they are feeling. If you have suffered from long term pain it can be easy to feel depressed or anxious about the problem. The more these feelings increase the higher your pain level will seem to be. Our Hypnotherapy for pain in Lincoln for example can help to significantly reduce feelings of anxiety when this occurs then your pain levels should reduce.

Getting a Doctors Opinion

If you are suffering from pain and would like to see us then please visit your doctor first. We always need a medical opinion before we start work as a diagnosis of your problem allows us to make sure we are working with you as safely as possible. For example if you came to see us with a pain in your knee and we reduced using Hypnotherapy, that pain you might think we have had a success however if that allowed you to walk and created further long term damage then it could create bigger problems in the long term. Once your doctor has assessed your problem it enables us to work together without missing a major ailment.

Pain Control

What Forms of Pain Respond to Hypnosis

Here are just some of the types of pain that we work with at Hypnotherapy Plus:

  • Hypnotherapy for Fibromyalgia

  • IBS

  • Tension headaches and Migraines

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Pain Related to Cancer

  • Post-operative Pain Relief

  • Arthritis


Please contact us using our contact form if you are experiencing a different form of pain and we can discuss whether hypnotherapy may be suitable.

Self Hypnosis for Pain Relief

As part of our programs we also teach our clients about self hypnosis for pain management. By learning self hypnosis it means that you will be able to practice pain management hypnosis yourself on a daily basis. The benefits of hypnosis are cumulative so prolonged practice can assist in increasing the effectiveness of our sessions. All our clients will also receive an audio that they can use to make this process even easier.