Hypnotherapy Level 4

Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Level 4)

If you are interested in training as a hypnotherapist we can offer you ISPC accredited training in Lincoln. The Diploma in Hypnotherapy will qualify you to work as a hypnotherapist in private practice and you can apply for professional membership with a professional body that will also arrange your public liability insurance.

This course provides an easy route to understanding how to induce trance states and what these altered states of awareness enable the hypnotherapist to achieve to help their clients.

The course covers the history of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, simple and advanced trance induction techniques, and self-hypnosis procedures. It then takes you through several of the applications of hypnosis.


These include helping others [or yourself] to:

Quit smoking without any withdrawal symptoms


Weight loss/management without going on a diet

Removal of fears and phobias

Stress management

Sleep disorders; learn how an insomniac can sleep, even when surrounded by noise or other distractions

Dream therapy, change nightmares into pleasant dreams

Skin disorders, eczema and other conditions can be controlled or cleared

Pain control, for operations or chronic conditions

Performance enhancement at exams, interviews, promotions or social events

Past life regression, explore previous lives, or indeed future ones!

Remote viewing, understand being able to observe locations and activities remotely over any distance.

Group therapies, relaxation classes


The final part of the course takes you through the practical side of setting up in a hypnotherapist practice and gives down to earth advice and help on a step by step plan to ensure your success.

One to one help is available during and after the programme.

This course is taken in two parts. The first part of this course is studied at home. The student is provided with a module and four written assignments and a final essay which is the exam.

Part two is taken in a classroom setting in which the student will put their new knowledge into practice by experience being hypnotised and actually hypnotising the tutor and or other students. The course also includes the use of CDs so that the student will experience different types of hypnotherapy and meditation practices.

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