Addiction Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Addiction Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be an effective tool in the early stages of addiction as well as in the recovery and abstinence processes . The early stages of addiction is when you know deep inside yourself, even if you're not ready to face it, that you've really got a problem. Whether you are drinking down your problems with alcohol or using drugs to "feel better", medicating with prescriptions drugs or eating unhealthy foods to "numb out", gambling to the extent that it affects your independence or even playing on your X-Box to escape, the question still remains the same... Are you addicted?

This is a question that people who don't lead a balanced life, or who use escape routes in their day to day life, face all the time. The answer however, can only be answered by the person who's suffering. As the substance fades into the background, or enough time has elapsed for food to digest, a feeling of somber truth appears, each day comes around and it is honesty that comes to the fore. Are you an addict or not?


Since hypnosis/hypnotherapy helps with the denial aspect of addiction, the client will become more tuned into treatment and less tuned to the barriers of addiction. It is not an easy process to complete addictions therapeutic treatment as it is a multi-layered therapy discipline that requires commitment and lots of practice for the therapy to be affective. If you feel you are addicted and you come to Hypnotherapy Plus, it will be our job to ensure the therapy offered and delivered to you is substantial and may involve a care package which will include counselling, CBT and Hypnosis.

By introducing relaxation therapies such as grounding and mindfulness along with imagery. Hypnosis can help remove physical barriers to recovery, such as the body's symptoms of withdrawal, anxiety, muscle tension, spasm and pain. Along with reinforcing the commitment to recovery and abstinence.

Video Games Addiction

While the harm in addictions to substances is apparent in physical symptoms, it is often less clear with video game addiction. However, video game addiction can negatively affect a life in the same way a substance addiction can. Those who play for hours each day become withdrawn and isolated, foregoing work, school and other responsibilities to play. Younger addicts often miss out on critical education and important social development, while adults tend to experience deteriorating relationships and problems with their employers.


Working with Addictions

With addictions treatment we would primarily like to work with the client for the duration of their recovery, putting in place timely strategies to help with each stage of withdrawal (whether it is substances, gambling, food or computer games to name a few).

Get in touch so we can speak with you about on going treatment, we have in mind your health and for this issue it is definitely not a one time hypnosis session that is required. We would look to engage you in counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy as a three pronged strategy to cover psychological and physical conditions.

There's a huge amount of information about addiction on-line, below are some useful links: - Gambling - Sex and Love - Drugs and Alcohol - General Addictions

If this sounds like something you are interested in and want to change your life, please get in touch with us.